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Suzanne Gagnier has the “Eye.”

Learning how the camera operates is one thing, having the eye is quite another. This is not something one can easily learn. Suzanne's photography illustrates both power and grace as seen through the camera's lens and through her imagination and visual concepts.

Suzanne believes that photography is the living memory that is etched forever. She is sharing a portion of these memories with select photographs from her "Portfolio."

Suzanne’s famous father "Hugh Gagnier," was well known in the Hollywood Film Industry where he worked for most of his lifetime.

From Camera Operator up to Director of Photography

Hugh Gagnier worked on such noted movies as “China Town” and “One Flew Over the Coo Coo’s Nest,” to numerous long running television shows like “Knott’s Landing” and many others.

Suzanne was inspired by her fathers talent and inherited the "eye" from him.

For many years Suzanne also worked photographing numerous Actresses, Models, Fashion Designers, and various Artists of all kinds, helping these clients promote their careers with much acclaimed success.

Suzanne’s portfolio illustrates both the power and grace with which she guides the camera using the lens as well as her gifted eye and imagination.

Suzanne currently resides near the ocean in Huntington Beach and works in the Greater Los Angeles Area. She is quite commonly seen with her camera in hand looking for that next great shot.

Please come back and visit from time to time as additional images from the "Past "as well as "New Photographs" will be added to these pages.

Photography is the living memory that is etched forever

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